LabTech glassware is safer than ever!

LabTech glassware is safer than ever!
You certainly know that dealing with glassware in laboratories can be risky for your safety. Broken glasses can cause harm to the operators and the risk becomes even higher when handling dangerous solutions.

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MultiVAP 10 never stop improving

MultiVAP 10 Never Stop Improving
We are pleased to inform you that LabTech MultiVap10 is receiving an amazing new update: the dual end-point vessel with 0,5mL and 1mL is now available to ease your lab work.

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Acid Digestion with LabTech DigiBlock

Acid Digestion with LabTech DigiBlock
Open vessel acid digestion has long been a popular and easy method for the digestion of inorganic and organic sample materials in laboratories, allowing the sample preparation for elementary analysis such as AA, ICP/OES and ICP/MS.

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