Rotary Evaporators

With an innovative and ergonomic design, the EV series rotary evaporators include color digital display to monitor and control rotation speed/temperature, motorized vertical lift, evaporation flasks, on line sample adding through PTFE valve. The stand alone heating bath guarantees maximum safety in operations and easy maintenance. It can be completed with the LabTech vacuum and cooling accessories to reach top efficiency of process.

Best in safety, performance and flexibility

When the American, award-winner, chemical researcher Lyman C. Craig invented the rotary evaporation system in 1950, probably he could not imagine what an innovation he brought into the chemical and pharma industries. For sure he could not imagine that rotary evaporators could be used even in modern “molecular cooking”. Compared to a static apparatus, the vacuum rotary evaporator can carry out single stage distillations quickly and gently. The capacity of a rotary distillation is generally about four times greater than a conventional static distillation, therefore no surprise about their widespread success. Evaporation is a common and important step in many research and development applications. The concentration of solutions by distilling the solvent and getting rid of low and higher-boiling or solid residue is a necessary step in organic synthesis and extracting inorganic pollutants. Evaporators are also used outside research laboratories such as chemical, pharma, petrochemical and food industries.
Plastic-coated glassware available on request

Plastic-coated glassware available on request

Plastic coating on the glassware provides increased durability, making it less prone to breakage. This is particularly important in the delicate and precise process of rotary evaporation, where glassware is subjected to varying negative pressures and temperatures. The plastic coating acts as an added layer of protection, reducing the risk of damage and the need for frequent replacements. The plastic coating on the glassware improves safety of scientists and technicians in every laboratory. In the event of glass breakage, the coating helps to contain the shattered pieces, minimizing the chances of glass fragments scattering and potentially causing harm to the operator or contaminating the experiment. This added safety aspect is crucial in laboratory environments where personnel work with hazardous substances or volatile compounds. Additionally, the plastic coating improves the grip on the glassware, reducing the likelihood of accidental slips or drops. This is especially beneficial when handling wet or greasy substances, providing a more secure hold, and enhancing the overall stability during the rotary evaporation process. The coating is highly transparent and can resist up to 90°C. It is available for condensers as well as evaporating and receiving flasks.


Water Chillers

Water Chillers

The LabTech’s state-of-the-art water chillers ensure accurate and constant cooling conditions of instruments even in the harsh laboratory conditions. The ideal combination is the H50-500.

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Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

There are 3 models available with different performances, totally oil free, featuring an advanced design, low noise level, high efficiency and long lifespan. The ideal combination is the VP18 Plus.

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See the LabTech Rotary Evaporators in action

8 Good reasons to choose LabTech Rotary Evaporators

Programmable operations

Error proof and multi user


More efficiency


Long durability

Integrated vacuum control

Optimization of the evaporation process, precious lab space saved

Maximum safety

Accidents prevention

Quite operation

Lab workers convenience

Comprehensive solution available

Instruments perfectly suited to operate together

Excellent price/performance ratio

A solution for any budget

Main applications

  • Active agent concentration
  • Chemical engineering
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Concentration of solutions and suspensions
  • Crystallization or recrystallization
  • Extraction
  • Liquid mixture separation
  • Molecular cooking
  • Powder drying
  • Research
  • Solvent distillation & recycling
  • Vacuum distillation of sensitive substances

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