Concentrators (aka nitrogen evaporators or nitrogen blowdown concentrators) are a valid alternative to rotary evaporation mainly in case of small volumes (under 50 mL) and a large quantity of samples.

Safety, productivity, flexibility and reliability

Concentrators accelerate the evaporation by decreasing the partial vapor pressure of the solvent just above the surface of the liquid. Blowdown evaporators use a jet of gas to continually force off the layer of air that is saturated with vapor. By immediately removing molecules that enter the vapor state, the molecules do not have a chance to return to the liquid, which increases the evaporation rate. As said blowdown technique is very useful for small sample volumes because with larger samples nitrogen blowdown will take longer and semi-volatile compounds may be lost.

Since the samples are immersed in a water bath, with programmable temperatures up to 100°C, the evaporation is further accelerated. LabTech offers 4 models, 2 of them automated and 2 manual, hosting different tube sizes to satisfy multiple needs.
MultiVap 96

MultiVap 96

The MultiVap 96, designed for microplates, features simple operation, practical and reliable performance. It is designed for sample concentration with high throughput e.g. sample preparation in drug screening, hormone analysis, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry. The system adopts the most advanced direct nitrogen heating technique with higher efficiency than the bottom dry block heating mode, as the heating uniformity is greatly improved, and samples can be heated up to the evaporation point in short time.
MultiVap 64

MultiVap 64

The MultiVap 64 is the latest multi-channel and multifunctional parallel instrument designed by LabTech, including all accessories and functions to ensure the highest standard of effi ciency, speed, reliability, throughput and safety of any concentration process. Nitrogen sweeping, needle level adjustment and visible concentration process are only few of the advantages offered by the MultiVap 64.
MultiVap 10

MultiVap 10

The new LabTech MultiVap 10 automatic parallel system increases the capacity by 25% in comparison to the MultiVap 8 boosting the lab throughput. The price/performance ratio has further increased. With this system it is possible to evaporate to solid state or concentrate into a fixed end-point volume. A compact solution compared to conventional rotary evaporators, with the possibility to be used outside the fume hood thanks to the integrated vapor evacuation system.
MultiVap 6

MultiVap 6

The MultiVap 6 is a basic, cost effective sample preparation instrument featuring 6 independent channels. Without transferring, samples are directly concentrated in the vial thereby reducing the risk of transfer loss, improving recovery and saving precious time. The nitrogen fl ow rate of each channel can be adjusted independently as well as the needles that can be adjusted up and down. The aluminum alloy heating block guarantees temperature uniformity for all samples.
See the LabTech MultiVap 96
in action
See the LabTech MultiVap 64
in action
See the LabTech MultiVap 10
in action
See the LabTech MultiVap 6
in action

9 good reasons to choose LabTech Concentrators

Advanced solutions and features

Enhanced productivity

Automatic adjustment of nitrogen needle according to the sample volume reduction

Precision, repeatability and gas saving

Visible concentration process

Peace of mind

Vortex nitrogen purge

Provides high speed evaporation

Sample cups do not need to be handled

Time saving and error proof

Automatic detection of the liquid endpoint

Error proof and unattended operations

10, 50 & 200 mL concentration cups can be accommodated

Flexibility and time saving

Cups can go directly to the liquid handler of GPC/SPE

Time saving

Excellent price/performance ratio

A solution for any budget

Main Applications

  • Chemistry
  • Environmental organic analysis
  • Food
  • Forensics
  • Geochemistry
  • Organic analysis
  • Organic analytical chemistry
  • Petroleum analysis

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