Vacuum Concentrators

MVP Vacuum Concentrators achieve high-throughput automatic evaporation of liquid samples through vacuum, heating, and rotation. They improve work efficiency and sample recovery, reduce human errors, and enhance the accuracy of analysis.

Efficiency, Flexibility and Environmental Awareness

Vacuum concentration is a common technique used in laboratories to remove solvent from a solution, effectively concentrating the solute (the dissolved material). It works by exploiting the relationship between pressure and boiling point, namely lower pressure, lower boiling point. When you reduce the pressure in a container, the boiling point of any liquid inside also decreases. Among its benefits, we find therefore a faster evaporation but also the fact that conducting the process at lower temperatures helps protecting heat-sensitive components in the sample. Among all these advantages, LabTech MVP Vacuum Concentrators grant also the possibility of solvents recovery, offering therefore an environmentally friendly solution for your lab.


The Flex-MVP is a particularly flexible model, suitable for thermosensitive samples. Thanks to its high solvent recovery rate, it allows to reduce the emissions of solvent, proving to be an environmentally friendly concentrator. The Flex-MVP also boasts energy-saving capabilities alongside its main functionalities.

Features and Advantages

Super batch processing capability

16 sample positions, compatible with 200ml and 50ml vials

Fully surrounded heating with high evaporation efficiency

The whole sample vial is fully immersed and heated in the water bath

Safe and sample operation

It features a convenient snap-lock safety lock design

Flexible and free access at any time

No need to pause the instrument or pressure relief for all the samples as a single sample can be added and removed at any time

Full transparency

The evaporation chamber is designed with full transparency, providing strong visibility.

Independent pipeline to prevent cross contamination

Each sample vessel is sealed and discharged independently through its own pipeline, avoiding liquid transfer issues

User-friendly touch screen control

Designed with a 10’’ touch screen control system

Dual recovery of solvent vapor and exhaust gas

Dual-condenser tower design, enabling dual recovery of solvent vapor and exhaust gas

Shaking bath system

It allows to speed up the evaporation rate. The sample is continuously mixed, preventing the overheating

Exchange top cover system

The MVP Series can use 2 different models of top cover, known as Flex-MVP and MVP-48, making the system more flexible


The MVP-12 is specially produced for large volume needs. For this reason, it is suitable for extraction applications. Designed for high throughput, this instrument replaces up to 12 rotary evaporators, saving valuable lab space and resources. Up to 12 samples with max. 900ml each can be concentrated simultaneously.

Features and Advantages

High efficiency

Fully surrounded water bath heating with higher evaporation efficiency

High solvent recovery

Solvent recovery rate of 500ml petroleum ether is more than 85%

Easy operation

Safety lock design enables fast open/close of the cover, more convenient and safer


The MVP-48 grants a larger capacity, thanks to its 48 positions. The possibility to work with centrifuge tubes allows an easier workflow in the laboratories. Up to 48 samples (60ml vials or 50ml centrifuge tubes) can be concentrated simultaneously.

Main applications


Pesticide residues, additives in food, determination of acid in food and extraction


Determination of API, extraction, contaminants and residues


SVOC pollutants in soil, solid waste and atmospheric samples, such as organochlorine residues, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons


QC of plastics, petrochemical, oil, fats and textile

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