New LabTech concentrator MultiVap 10

New LabTech concentrator MultiVap 10

On the wake of the wide success of the MultiVap 8 we are proud to announce the release of the new MultiVap 10.

Always sensitive to the market requirements we have realized a larger model that features an unmatched combination of speed, accuracy and capacity, dramatically improving the throughput of the lab.
Some improvements have been brought such as a user-friendly interface and the bath internally covered in PTFE for better insulation. Thanks to the release of the NEW MultiVap 10 the range now includes 4 models capable of virtually solving the needs of any lab:

  • MultiVap 6 (previously called E.T.): manual, for 40 mL tubes.
  • MultiVap 8: automatic, for 50 and 200 mL tubes.
  • MultiVap 10: automatic, for 50 and 200 mL tubes.
  • MultiVap 54 (also called "The Game Changer" due to its unique features): automatic for 54 standard 10 mL tubes plus numerous other sizes, thanks to customizable racks.

Have a look to the new product line.

Last but not least, let us underline that LabTech is the only company that can supply the combination “concentrator plus gas generator”. The combination offers an outstanding price/performance ratio. The perfect match is MultiVap 8 (or MultiVap 10) plus the LN12 and MultiVap 54 plus the LN25. Discover more on LabTech Gas Generators.

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