Affordable acid digestion/simple preparation

Affordable acid digestion/simple preparation

Lab managers are struggling every single day with budget restraints and in many cases they cannot afford to buy an expensive instrument for acid digestions and/or sample preparation and as a consequence they have to find weird solutions to match their needs.

Our DigiBlocks are a perfect solution for such cases where quality, durability and precision are requested but budgets are limited. With 4 models of different powers and numerous handy accessories coupled with a very attractive price/performance ratio we can virtually cover all nees of a modern lab and give a great contribution to the daily challenges of lab managers. Application fields are virtually endless, from food and feed to environment, from pharma to biochemistry, from cosmetic to geology and you name it.

Among the accessories there are even disposable tubes that avoid cross contamination and, last but not least, may generate a good extra and continuous profit for you. The instrument is pretty simple but we can offer an array of application notes developed by our highly qualified analytical team as added value support. They are at your disposal as pre-sale tool. Do not hesitate to contact us if you may need them. Needless to say many times the outcome of a sale depends very much on understanding the lab needs and centering the proper solution.

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