LabTech Nitrogen Gas Generator operating in harsh working conditions

LabTech Nitrogen Gas Generator operating in harsh working conditions

Sometimes human beings are called to face daring challenges operating in harsh working conditions. And so are scientific instruments.

Take for example one of our firstly produced large nitrogen generators that has been operating for some years in combination with a Shimadzu LCMS-8040 in a remote lab on the Spitsbergen island (Svalbard archipelago, Artic Ocean). It is easy to imagine that life is really tough up there, either for men and instruments as well. In spite of that the LabTech generator has been working without any problem providing constantly and consistently high quality nitrogen to the demanding GC. It is a matter of fact the gas supply is crucial to the final result. The lab shuts down for a couple of months, the coldest, and when it reopens it is sufficient to switch on the generator and the instrument operates at full steam as it was switched off the day before, contrary to many other instruments that need pre-heating, setting, calibration or checks of different genders. Indeed it is a great relief for the operators that like the LabTech nitrogen generator very much.

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