The noise level in laboratories is inevitably influenced by the instrumentation and equipment used, and excessive noise can cause potential health risks for the laboratory staff. Laboratory managers must introduce measures to minimize noise levels and therefore create a safer working environment. That is why LabTech designed IsoBOX, an innovative product created with high quality sound-absorbing material to reduce the noise level of laboratory equipment.

The importance of a safe laboratory environment

For scientists and researchers, the laboratory is a place of precision and focus. While the hum of equipment and the occasional clinking of glassware are often expected, excessive noise can have significant drawbacks in the lab environment. The overall level of noise in laboratories depends on several factors including the instrumentation and equipment used to carry out the tasks of the facility. High noise levels can lead to a variety of potential health issues for laboratory personnel and therefore they are regulated by government agencies. The laboratory manager must then develop strategies to reduce as much as possible the noise level in order to improve the working conditions. IsoBOX is an innovative product created with high quality sound-absorbing material to reduce the noise level of the water chiller units or any other smaller equipment that generates high noise level.
The importance of a safe laboratory environment

What makes IsoBOX so unique

IsoBOX has been specially designed to be ready for a quick, fast and easy assembly. Thanks to the butterfly latches it can be disassembled piece by piece according to the needs of chiller access (front, rear, sides). LabTech has developed IsoBOX ensuring that the water chiller cooling performances are not affected. LabTech chillers maintain the high efficiency and stable temperature at the maximum heat load thanks to the six fans installed on the back of the IsoBOX. IsoBOX allows an easy access to the water chiller built-in display and the liquid level indicator. It is entirely covered inside with sound-absorbing panels made by high quality pyramidal polyurethane material that is completely self-extinguishing and avoid condensation.

How IsoBOX makes you enjoy the silence in your lab

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