Addressing helium shortage with LabTech Hydrogen Generators

Addressing helium shortage with LabTech Hydrogen Generators

Helium shortage is a current problem that is affecting laboratories worldwide. Due to the scarcity of this resource and the ever-increasing demand and price, it has become imperative to find a solution to replace this gas in applications such as gas chromatography.

Although the choice of carrier gas depends on the content of the sample, hydrogen gas is one of the main contenders as substitute for helium. Having very low viscosity, hydrogen gas can provide the highest mobility rate of all carrier gases, reducing time for sample analysis. LabTech Hydrogen Generators represent the perfect solution to produce hydrogen on-site and, consequently, having a constant source of it to keep working.
LabTech ensures reliability, efficiency and most importantly, safety - a key aspect when it comes to hydrogen. As a matter of fact, our hydrogen generators are equipped with safety detectors which guarantee the system is shut down in the event of a leak.

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