Centrifuges can help the fight against the COVID-19

Centrifuges can help the fight against the COVID-19

The entire world is facing an unprecedented challenge that needs an immediate and qualified response. We are proud to give our humble contribution to the fight thanks to our centrifuges.

There are several swabs and kits available on the market and, unfortunately, we cannot mention all of them for obvious reasons of room and time. The kit shown is for reference only.
The following link provides a quick guide line on identifying the virus and how we can help. It is based on 3 sheets, in addition to a cover:

  • The 1st one explains a typical procedure for virus identification based on a largely used kit.
  • The 2nd one shows which kind of centrifuge/rotor/bucket/adapter are suggested according to the test to be performed.
  • The 3rd one shows all the models we manufacture with related rotors and buckets.

Click to get the Guideline

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