LabTech Nitrogen Gas Generator operating in harsh working conditions

Sometimes human beings are called to face daring challenges operating in harsh working conditions. And so are scientific instruments.
Take for example one of our firstly produced large nitrogen generators that has been operating for some years in combination with a Shimadzu LCMS-8040 in a remote lab on the Spitsbergen island (Svalbard archipelago, Artic Ocean).
It is easy to imagine that life is really tough up there, either for men and instruments as well. In spite of that the LabTech generator has been working without any problem providing constantly and consistently high quality nitrogen to the demanding GC. It is a matter of fact the gas supply is crucial to the final result.
The lab shuts down for a couple of months, the coldest, and when it reopens it is sufficient to switch on the generator and the instrument operates at full steam as it was switched off the day before, contrary to many other instruments that need pre-heating, setting, calibration or checks of different genders. Indeed it is a great relief for the operators that like the LabTech nitrogen generator very much.

Cooking with a Rotary Evaporator?

When the American chemical researcher Lyman C. Craig invented the rotary evaporation system in 1950, probably he could not imagine what an innovation he brought into the chemical and pharma industries. Advantages of the technique are numerous but some precautions have to be taken specially when treating samples prone to bump, like for example, ethanol. It is a matter of fact that experienced chemists carefully regulate the power of the vacuum or play with the bath temperature or thoroughly set the evaporation rate in order to avoid or drastically reduce the risk of bumping, occasionally associated with foaming.
Since its invention the rotary evaporation technique has been growing and expanding almost constantly, going well over the boundaries of chemistry and pharma.
One of the latest and unexpected applications, that probably Mr. Craig could not imagine to see 60+ years ago, is rotary evaporation applied to “molecular cooking”. The evaporation technique is usually associated to chemistry but in the recent years celebrated chefs have been using rotary evaporators in their kitchens and less famous chefs are now doing so too. In spite numerous, and inevitable, initial perplexities it seems it is a widespread trend, particularly in some countries.
Contrary to applications in chemistry, where many times samples can be difficult to be processed, this is an ”easy” extraction, in general without any problem. Actually, in the large majority of the cases, more than extraction it is merely a question of cooking fresh food gently and precisely preserving taste, scent and nutritional facts by spoiling the combination temperature/vacuum.
For details on our portfolio of rotary evaporators click here.


Lab managers are struggling every single day with budget restraints and in many cases they cannot afford to buy an expensive instrument for acid digestions and/or sample preparation and as a consequence they have to find weird solutions to match their needs.
Our DigiBlocks are a perfect solution for such cases where quality, durability and precision are requested but budgets are limited. With 4 models of different powers and numerous handy accessories coupled with a very attractive price/performance ratio we can virtually cover all nees of a modern lab and give a great contribution to the daily challenges of lab managers.
Application fields are virtually endless, from food and feed to environment, from pharma to biochemistry, from cosmetic to geology and you name it.
Among the accessories there are even disposable tubes that avoid cross contamination and, last but not least, may generate a good extra and continuous profit for you.
The instrument is pretty simple but we can offer an array of application notes developed by our highly qualified analytical team as added value support. They are at your disposal as pre-sale tool. Do not hesitate to contact us if you may need them. Needless to say many times the outcome of a sale depends very much on understanding the lab needs and centering the proper solution.
The DigiBlock brochure can be downloaded here.

LabTech announces a new Line of Gas Generators

We are very proud to announce the release of the NEW LINE of LabTech instruments: Gas Generators (Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air).
The success of our chiller line, very much appreciated for quality and durability, has given us the opportunity to enter countless of laboratories worldwide, almost all of which in need of high quality gasses like hydrogen, nitrogen and pure air so the NEW LINE is a kind of natural evolution and in synergy with our existing products.
The handling of gas cylinders has always been a heavy burden for any kind of laboratory without an appropriate gas pipeline and on-site generators are gaining popularity for numerous and obvious reasons.
The new line has been developed in partnership with leading engineering companies to provide a constant and consistent source of lab degree gasses by using the most advanced technology available on the market. This instruments minimize the total footprint required for gas supply and provide flexibility to add or remove modules as the laboratory requirements evolve over time.
In line with the company philosophy the price/performance ratio is excellent. As a rough indication, the payback period is in the range of one year time, depending on local conditions that may vary from country to country.

Sample preparation is only apparently an easy task!

One of the first things that a wanna-be chemist learns at the beginning of her/his studies is the better the sample, the better the result. She/he will soon realize how true is this statement that will accompany her/him throughout her/his entire professional life. Sample preparation is only apparently an easy task but in many cases in reality it is not at all, mainly when the GC comes into play.
GCs are expensive instruments to buy and run so why take the risk of getting poor results if the sample is not properly prepared?
Of course there are different ways to prepare a sample in an optimal way but what is always needed is: knowledge, costly and sometime dangerous reagents, lot of manual labor and time. In addition to the cost all this increases the risk of inaccurate results even depending on the analyte complexity.
Labtech, that has been paying lot of attention to the requirements of the international scientific community, has realized the Multivap series in order to speed up and automate the process while keeping a high quality standard and safety.
2 models are available, virtually capable of covering the needs of every modern lab: 8 and 54 samples of different tubes sizes in a compact footprint.
Thanks to their innovative concept and devices the instruments can operate totally unattended. The most common tubes can be host in standard racks and if this may not be sufficient special racks can be easily and quickly realized by our technical dpt to meet any specific requirement.
Just fill the water reservoir, load the samples, set up the parameters and go. Your Multivap will do the rest!